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There are different types of autogates, mainly separated into three categories:-

  • Folding type
  • Swing type
  • Sliding type

There are various considerations in deciding which types of autogates suitable for you. For example, if your home entrance has limited opening space, you may consider choosing the folding type as it will allow the movement of gates and maintain the aesthetic without sacrificing its functionality. If you are not sure what type of gate you should get, please feel free to contact our friendly technicians for free advice.

Our autogate package offers you the following:- 

CHOICE - Our wide selection Auto Gate designs enable you to choose THE autogate that best suits your needs. We have a list of catalogue that allows you to choose the latest design, colour, type of material, type of folding et cetera. Call us to view free catalogues.

SAFETY - The autogate system is made of intelligent electronic system.

QUALITY - The products are made in good and tested condition and come with at least 1 year warranty. 

CONVENIENCE - The autogate system makes your life more convenient which will enable you to enjoy quick, safe, fast and easy access to your home. You do not have to get out of your car to open the door, drive through and then close the gate afterwards especially during rush hour, rainy days, sunny days or other bad weather conditions. We provide easy-to-use centralised remote controls for yourself and your family members.


Stainless Steel / Aluminium Arms, Undeground Motor


AC / DC Motor


Folding / Swing / Sliding Gates

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