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Product Features

  • 8 Programmable Zone / 8 Wireless Zone
  • 5 Zone mode: Instant zone, Delay zone, 24 hours zone, Boundry zone, By-pass zone
  • 2 groups 6 bits user password, 1 group 6 bits setting passwords are both adaptable
  • 4 groups of phone number can be set
  • 5 ARM mode: Exit Arm, Boundary Arm, Single Zone Arm, Delay Arm, Remote Arm
  • Chime Mode
  • One Key Arming
  • Double Stay Arming
  • Remote control function: remote control arm-disarm, remote monitor, remote on-off siren
  • Built in Voice Module, 10 ~ 20 seconds voice record, personal reporting format in voice function
  • Telephone line check by anti-cutoff function
  • Anti-lightning strike function
  • Link up to 4 external keypad
  • Remote access to arm/ disarm
  • Built in 314 frequency receiver
  • Remote controller can be sue for Arm, Dis-arm, Emergency Alarm and other operations


Product Features

  • 2 ways communication transmitter using 3V Litium Battery for longer lasting
  • Built in receiver and antenna
  • Link up to 4 keypads
  • 2 partitions and home automations output for momentory
  • Individual sensitivity for all zones
  • Individual Chime zone & individual zone Bypass function
  • View alarm memory function
  • Quick key entry for Away, Home, Panic, Zone Bypass, Review event memory mode
  • Fire, Police and Medical Alarm
  • Programmable siren On/ Off Squawk for Arm and Disarm
  • Dual reporting for CMS and Personal Format
  • Call in with function menu selection in voice
  • Remote access to Away arming, Home arming and Disarm system
  • 4 Personal reporting dialing numbers
  • Fax Bypass
  • Anti-takeover functions
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