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Network servers typically are configured with additional processing, memory and storage capacity to handle the load of servicing clients. Common types of network servers include:

  • Web servers
  • Proxy servers
  • FTP servers
  • online game servers

Numerous systems use this client / server networking model including Web sites and email services. An alternative model, peer-to-peer networking enables all computers to act as either a server or client as needed.

You can choose between Wired Networking System or Wireless Networking System. There are pros and cons for these two options. For example, Wired networks provide users with plenty of security and the ability to move lots of data very quickly.


Most people who have a basic familiarity with computers can set up a network without much help. But the idea of installing cards and making connections makes some people nervous. Do not worry, please contact our friendly technicians for free advice.


CAT5e / CAT6 Switches


CAT5e / CAT6 Access Points , Wireless Router

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