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An efficient and reliable telecommunication system is just like a nervous system for today's business enterprises. Any breakdown in the system or problems such as poor quality of communication can have crippling effect on the overall business operations. At SSS Security System, we recognise the importance of your telecommunication needs and offer a wide range of carefully tailored, advanced and cost-effective solutions to business owners.


Panasonic PABX system has been in the market for long and they have been recognised as one of the most trusted brand for PABX system. For TDA 100, TDA 200, you can see the following features:-

Automatic ISDN Setting (BRI)

  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS) / Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • PC Console/PC Phone
  • PC Programming
  • VIP-Call
  • Visual Caller ID
  • Digital eXtra Device Port (XDP)
  • Hands-free Operation
  • DECT Features
  • Automatic Handover
  • Wireless XDP Parallel Mode
  • ISDN Service Features
  • Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
  • Direct Dialling Inward (DDI)
  • ISDN Call Forward (CFU/CFNR/CFB)
  • Multiple Subscriber Numbers (MSN)
  • Networking Features
  • ARS with VoIP
  • QSIG Connection
  • VoIP Network (Built-in IP-GW)


The SV8000 Series supports an extensive range of multifunctional IP and digital terminals and handsets that enhance the feature capabilities offered by the system while providing the service of conventional telephones over the LAN and WAN. It has the following features:-

  • Terminal modularity allows for over 8000 combinations to personalize each terminal
  • XML open interface support enables developers to create displayable and accessible applications via NEC’s IP terminals
  • These handsets provide staff mobility with all the proven benefits of DECT technology such as seamless handover between radio cells, crystal clear voice transmission and secure encryption with no added wiring costs for installation
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